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Last updated: February 22, 2017

Install images drive architect to ask for frameless aircraft hangar acrylic door shelves

frameless aircraft hangar acrylic door shelvesWith the construction of a new office space underway, the proprietor for a premiere jet support facility wished to have a storage solution with the capacity to display & protect aviation books. The shelving meant to accommodate the collection was to be one with see-through doors. With this in mind and driven by a desire to ensure the system provided a sense of balance to the project's contemporary interior design, the architect reached out to the local storage expert for help with furnishing an installation of frameless aircraft hangar acrylic door shelves. The expert had been involved with another installation, where a similar unit was devised for a library. It only took the viewing of a set of images from that installation to convince the architect of her decision to apply the same concept in this case.

Sleek-looking frameless aircraft hangar acrylic doors

The frameless aircraft hangar acrylic doors for shelves to display and protect aviation books or any other collection of materials are available for ordering in all standard 4-post storage dimensions. Each fit flush with the outside of the 4-post shelf frame. Units are also available in either a clear or frosted finish to provide an all-around aesthetically-pleasing look for any space. Its design also adds visual appeal by creating a sleek look and allowing for total visibility of stored materials.

Frameless acrylic storage door kit specifics

frameless aircraft hangar door shelves display and protect aviation booksIn order to secure proper alignment and operation, specialized uprights are needed for mounting the frameless acrylic storage door kits. Door and mounting kits require ordering (one per set of doors) with doors coming pre-drilled for ease-of-convenience when dealing with hardware installation. Keyed locks also exist to help with securing units from above and below, while magnets take care of holding the doors closed when locking is not needed. Door height caps off at 96" when used with an upright that boasts a maximum height of 97.25". Door widths for 4-post and case-type storage start at 30" and go up to 48".

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