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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Frame-Mounted Doors for Static or Mobile Shelving

frame mounted doors shelving cabinetsFrame-mounted doors for shelving and cabinets are now available in single-wall, double-walled, and window configurations to meet your storage needs. This complete line-up of doors provides distinct features and options that can be installed on 4-post and case-type shelving as well as welded cabinets. When used with frame-mounted doors, these storage and shelving systems become flexible, adaptable solutions that can be used in both static and high density mobile shelving applications.

Frame-Mounted Door Types


Single-wall frames are the most foundational type of door and is available as a solid panel with reinforced interior supports. Ideal for items that need to remain secure and hidden behind the doors.


Double-walled doors are available in four panel types:

  • Solid
  • Offset diamond-perforated
  • Aligned diamond-perforated
  • Louvered

The type of panel you need will depend on your storage application and visibility needs. Solid and louvered panels create zero visibility, while offset diamond-perforated panel types provides restricted visibility. Aligned diamond-perforated doors provide the most visibility out of all four options.

Window Doors

Window panels are designed with an external welded panel and four internal supports. The panels are also offered in four panel types. Single-diamond perforated and single round-perforated offer increased visibility and ventilation, while glass and acrylic doors allow complete visibility.single wall double walled window frame mounted doors


Configurability: With frame-mounted doors, you can create unlimited configurations such as stacked doors that create multiple cabinets within a single shelving unit.

Rigidity: A four-sided frame design and 18- or 20-gauge steel construction allows the frame-mounted doors enhanced strength and durability.

Versatility: A variety of options are available for door sizes, panel, types, handles, paint colors, and locks.

Security: A variety of lock options are available, including keyed locks and electronic locks. Double-walled and window doors offer an additional hasp for padlock options.

Customization: The frame-mounted doors are also available with a variety of panel options and paint colors to match your environment.

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