Flexible pharmacy storage cabinet casegoods

flexible pharmacy storage cabinet casegoodsFlexible pharmacy storage cabinet casegoods for storing pharmaceutical supplies were adopted for use at a hospital pharmacy. It was the second time in five years that the facility had been slated for a renovation and expansion. It was believed that the addition of the flexible pharmacy storage cabinet casegoods would not only provide three times more space, but present an opportunity to modernize workflow for years to come. (Read more about flexible movable casegood cabinets)

Cost effective flexible pharmacy storage cabinet casegoods

revit bim modelsThe project was not without its challenges, however. Due to the superior flexibility offered by these systems, the hospital pharmacy director and pharm designer were adequately prepared to handle whatever challenges arose. And, it was a good thing too, because somewhere towards the last phase of the planning stage for the project, funding was no longer available to afford a carousel. It was supposed to be featured in the unit pick area and involved (CDT) carousel dispensing technology. Although unexpected, the same area of space was easily made to accommodate a traditional unit dose fill area for storing pharmaceutical supplies. It allowed for improved access to more than 900 medications, while also permitting all the components used for carousel to be reconfigured to make the traditional pick station. The initial product cost was virtually unaltered and any cost accrued from future conversion would be minimal as a result, adding to its cost effective.

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