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Fleet Repair Parts Inventory Storage

fleet repair small parts inventory warehouseWhen production levels were too demanding for their small warehouse, a fleet manufacturer turned to vertical shuttle systems to increase space and productivity. Since customers expect shipping within 24 hours and sometimes even on the same day, it was imperative that the warehouse was able to meet customer demands. The fleet repair and small parts inventory were consolidated into order packing and shipping shuttles, which ended up improving productivity by 2/3 while recovering 96% of previously occupied space and even allowed a 10% inventory increase. Read on to learn how. Click here to watch a video showing how the order packing and shipping shuttles work.

Warehouse Order Picking Vertical Shuttles

Before the order packing and shipping shuttles, the warehouse stored small parts inventory on six-foot high shelves that stretched over 13 bays and 6,000 sq ft. The vertical shuttles, in contrast, store the same amount of inventory in a footprint of 200 sq ft for a space savings of 5,800 square feet, which is over 96% less than before.

The shuttles store just over $900,000 worth of parts with an inventory management and security system that keeps every item safe and accounted for at all times. This has also freed up the racks for storing bulky parts and items, which has, in turn, enabled the warehouse to accept spares for all fleet equipment.warehouse order packing shipping shuttles

The order packing and shipping shuttles have allowed the warehouse to reorganize their workflow to save floor space, improve productivity, and boost ergonomics. On the previous system, employees would need to retrieve a pick ticket, find a scissor lift or walk to the location, and pull the part needed for the pick. Sometimes scissor lifts were not available to employees when they needed them to retrieve SKUs positioned high on the shelves. Bending down to reach the bottom shelves also caused numerous health and safety concerns on top of the inefficient and time-consuming picking process. Now when an order goes through, employees take the pick ticket to the vertical shuttles. After entering the part number and quantity needed, the shuttles automatically deliver the requested item to an ergonomically-placed work counter. This way, all parts can be picked at the same time and brought to shipping. This system has resulted in a 60% increase in picking speed.

The reduction in walking and searching time has not only increased productivity, but accuracy as well. There is less potential for an employee to pick the wrong part since it is delivered directly to them. Employee training is also done much quicker with newcomers ready to handle the equipment within half an hour. Should the warehouse need additional storage capacity, it will be easy for them to add on to the scalable system. Click here for more information about automated order packing and shipping solutions.

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