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Last updated: July 12, 2019

Extra-tall duty bag lockers & weapons cabinets improve workflow efficiencies

extra tall duty bag lockers weapons cabinets large doorsExtra-tall duty bag lockers and weapons cabinets with large doors provide police gear and gun storage designed to improve officer workflow efficiencies and more. Experts created these solutions to accommodate one department planning to build a new facility. It looks nothing like the former cramped building conditions. Instead, it's far more convenient and comfortable due to the thought many contributed during design.

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This time around, the design team put the focus on improving employee comfort and efficiency. It would require giving some thought to workflows that save time while promoting convenience. Officers used to have to carry their duty bags and more upstairs and through meetings rooms before shifts, creating inconvenience. To prevent any further inconvenience, the more recent space reflects a new approach.

To simplify officers lives, experts designed the extra-tall duty bag lockers and weapons cabinets with large doors into a convenient solution. Users have easy, efficient access to gear since systems sit between the briefing room and garage. Everyone can pick-up equipment while walking out to their patrol cars and handle shift duties with more efficiency.

police gear gun storageSystems to one side sit on an integrated base that lifts the lowest lockers off the floor to allow officers' comfortable access. It brings the upper edge into alignment with the adjacent long gun units too, creating a uniform look. Those include keyed locks that allow personnel secure use to individual firearm compartments. Units have a large door too, which management can open if needing full access to the interior. It simplifies cleaning and allows you more convenient weapons access during emergencies.

Personalized police gear & gun storage

Experts can add specialized weapons components to create more personalized police gear and gun storage, too. Ones the department use have custom space-saving benches that give officers somewhere convenient and comfortable to sit. A few other features include:

  • Louvered doors and drawers with a boot liner and body armor drying rack to keep gear clean and odor-free.
  • Integrated seating made from reclaimed wood, promoting eco-friendliness.
  • Security combination lock with a master key override to simplify access during emergencies.

Watch a video that highlights police gear storage lockers.

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