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Sturdy extra deep industrial cabinets organize maximizing small space efficiency

extra deep industrial cabinetsExtra deep industrial cabinets with adjustable large absorbent sanitation mat storage provide a durable workspace solution that users can depend on to last. Sturdy and flexible in design, it extends far enough back on the inside to keep supplies organized. Experts provided the steel-made unit to safety specialists wanting a rugged, dependable system that meets this exact need. Continue reading to learn more about the durable shelving cabinet's installation and use.

Extra Deep Industrial Cabinets

The baking company's sanitation department needed a solution that could last as long as its organic energy bars. It would need to have a flexible interior deep enough to organize bulky absorbent mats. Drawing from experience with other reliable facility storage, personnel did not want anything less than the most dependable cabinet available. So, safety specialists combed through an extensive catalog with many storage and workspace options to find the right solution.

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The search would lead personnel to find extra deep industrial cabinets with flexible shelf space to keep the bulky mats organized. Made from all-welded heavy duty steel construction, the systems can withstand rough and rugged industrial use. Interior shelving allows flexible placement from users wanting to create enough space to keep items neat and tidy. Piled-high items sit one on top of the other, allowing users to maximize small space efficiency and maintain order. Easy-to-spot labels attached to shelves provide users direction during storage and retrieval. The signage ensures personnel knows where to find or return unused materials, helping reduce waste. Units feature double doors that open wide to allow users ergonomic, injury-free item access.adjustable large absorbent sanitation mat storage

Adjustable large absorbent sanitation mat storage

Featuring durable steel construction, the adjustable large absorbent sanitation mat storage meets the baking company's commitment to reducing material waste. Sturdy in design, systems can withstand damage better than those made from lighter gauge material. Facilities receive long-lasting service during use and invest in fewer replacements over time, saving money on equipment.

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