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Last updated: July 11, 2019

Expandable safety barricade gates on wheels restrict access preventing injury

expandable safety barricade gates wheelsConvert mobile folding compact security fencing into expandable safety barricade gates on wheels that block areas to restrict access. It takes little time to do and can protect warehouse employees from working in unsafe areas. Place it near aisle entrances to keep everyone away while cleaning up liquid spills. No one then suffers an injury due to slipping and falling on the floor.

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Experts can even adapt the portable solutions in retail environments such as malls, theater complexes and more that cater to large crowds. Systems span from 42" to 18' wide during use, preventing patrons from accessing areas under construction. These facilities can then still operate while outside contractors do renovations on site.

mobile folding compact security fencingWhen ready to unveil the remodeled space, users can break down the expandable safety barricade gates on wheels to a space-saving 33". Since it can reduce to such a small size, the portable system avoids taking up too much space while in storage. Units have heavy-duty swivel casters that allow safe transport to and from storage areas.

To ensure proper installation, users must complete these simple steps.

  • Unfold systems until the rubber bumpers touch wall surfaces. It does not require secure anchoring to the area or floor, simplifying the process.
  • Rather, you next have to lower the lock channels together.
  • Then, raise both channels and engage the pin in aligning holes. While applying moderate pressure, push down on channels until they rest in the locking bracket.
  • Last, lock in position with a padlock that provides extra security to prevent unlawful access.

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