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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Expandable collapsed large containers with drop doors increase productivity

expandable collapsed large containers drop doorsExpandable collapsed large containers with drop doors provide stackable bins with forklift storage access that allows safer loading, handling, and transport. Users avoid hand-carrying loads to wherever needed and can manage larger material volumes in less time. Able to move the baskets between work areas with increased efficiency, handlers can get more done in a day.

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When extended, systems display an opening deep enough to protect whatever users store and organize there. Experts recommend filling the reusable and returnable units with bulky retail warehouse parts, food items headed to grocery stores and more. Handlers can breakdown empty baskets in moments to save space and speed cleanup during closing. Able to reuse the sturdy solutions, facilities can use fewer systems to store inventory.  It helps corporations reduce equipment costs and save money while growing profits.

Stackable bins with forklift storage access keep inventory safe

stackable bins forklift storageThe stackable bins with forklift storage access feature high-density polyethylene construction sturdy enough to keep items safe through to delivery. Able to lower access doors, users can handle material loading and unloading easily and without injury. Systems have plastic, ergonomic latches that help ease opening during retrieval and collapsing, allowing handlers to save space in moments.

Construction: Manufactured from sturdy high-density polyethylene with reinforced fork openings.

Features: Two drop-down access doors allow users to handle picking and loading easily and without injury. Systems can withstand harsh use in temperatures between -20 degrees and 250 degrees. Flat labeling areas available on all four sides to create instant organization. Units can collapse down to 12-3/4" high (11-3/4" when nested) to save space.

Weight Capacity: Systems can support 1,800 lbs. in weight capacity.

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Made in the USA

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