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Last updated: January 29, 2016

Electrical mobile system creates space efficient storage

electrical mobile systemA century-old law firm specializing in business, private, and public law was in need of a new way to store the staggering number of case files they had on site. The offices had just underwent a consolidation and moved into a another building. It wanted a solution that both improved their approach to storage and matched the design of the upscale space they now called home. For this reason, an electrical mobile system was brought in to help. Designed to compact with just the touch of a button, the system maximizes storage capacity in less space than traditional storage methods. And, by doing so, it creates space efficient storage for open access filing. This is accomplished because, as the system condenses, it closes unoccupied aisles and eliminates the need for static aisles. Instead, ample space now exists for highly-trafficked aisles to be widened creating hassle-free access to files stored there. Electrical mobile system creates space efficient storage for open access filing.

Electrical mobile system is built with safety in mind

The innovative design of the electrical mobile system is what makes it desirable in the workforce, not just at law firms. However, because it creates space storage for open access filing, the law firm made the decision to let it take the place of their lateral filing system. The system is also built with safety in mind. For this reason, it featured a number of security mechanisms including aisle entry sensors, a manual safety reset button, and a safety sweep. Each serves to ensure everyone who uses the electrical mobile system does so without injury to themselves or others. In addition, the system was located in the main hallway on the third floor of the law firm. This created convenient access to files for attorneys and non-attorney staff, alike.

Electrical mobile system is adaptable

creates space efficient storage for open access filingAnother attractive feature about this electrical mobile system is that it is highly adaptable and built to complement any existing decor. To further establish the law firm as a non-threatening environment with a professional yet relaxed feel, rich oak wood details were present throughout the office. The system's face panels were made to match. This gave the law firm the look they desired without the costly hassle of a reconstruction project to overhaul the space for a new design. Watch the electrical mobile system in action. 

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