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Last updated: October 08, 2019

high density shelving moveaAn oil operations company had recently experienced a phenomenal growth and, as a result, experienced heavy demands for geological and technical information. However, their storage system was inefficient and made information difficult to locate. The solution was to install electrical mobile storage systems, which would store well logs and files for the oil company more efficiently, in less space, and with more accessibility than their previous system. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

challenges & design criteria

Prior to the company's move into new corporate headquarters, the oil company's information was divided among a number of locations; this made information retrieval difficult and time-consuming, along with causing a great deal of duplication. During the move to their new headquarters, part of the accessibility problem was solved by centralizing all technical information into two groups, which became the Well Information Library and the Technical Information Library. The Well Information Library held material related to actual oil and gas wells, including well logs, core analysis, and well histories. Requests for files ranged from 350 to 1,000 per day. The Technical Information Library collected all other types of reference materials, including books, magazines, and journals.electrical mobile storage systems store well logs & files for oil company

Shelving equipment previously used to house the two collections included a combination of static shelves with conventional aisles and a manual mobile shelving system. Because the mobile system was manual with no mechanical or electrical assist, they could be difficult to move when filled and were unsafe due to the drifting of the carriages, caused by the unevenness of the tracks and the lack of brakes or safety stops. The difficulties in moving the mobile units, the need to wedge items such as separator cards under the wheels to prevent drifting, and the rapid growth of their collection created an increase in filing and retrieval time. In addition, the shelving units were non-adjustable and caused ineffective use of space and fixed dividers often caused damage to the varying sized files.

space-saving solutions

The oil company's records management services group developed a detailed set of specifications based on the two different system. The first system, for the Well Information Library, had well logs that were of a smaller dimension than conventional files; as a result, shelving did not have to be as deep as usually specified. The second system for the Technical Information Library was based on normal-depth shelving, but specified a fully adjustable shelving system to accommodate their material of various sizes. Other specifications included optimum use of shelving space, electrically driven, multiple aisle capability, integrated aisle lighting, and full safety features.

mechanical assist high density mobile shelving on tracks

Two electrical mobile systems were supplied. Fast, easy access to stored materials is achieved with the push of a button mounted on the face of each carriage. The clerk's work is further enhanced by the use of economical aisle lighting that activates when the specified carriage is opened. Multi-access aisles are achieved by the use of the solid state programmable aisle feature. Safety sweeps are also mounted on the carriages. When the sweep comes in contact with any object in the aisle, the system immediately deactivates and stops moving. Security has also been enhanced by compressing file storage space and adding mechanical locks to the carriages housing more sensitive materials. Lastly, a highly adjustable shelving system is used to store materials.

The benefits to the oil company were almost immediate. Not only were their working conditions improved, but their file and retrieval times were also dramatically reduced. Cost per square foot versus filing inches was also reduced. Existing floor space was recovered and provided more work space for employees. The staff is now more efficient and comfortable working within the system due to its safety features. Costs have also been controlled when equated to maximum storage versus floor space used.

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