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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Electric sit-stand bench tables promote ergonomics increasing productivity

electric sit stand bench tablesElectric sit-stand bench tables or adjustable office computer desks with storage drawers allow users to create ergonomic working conditions based on personal preference. Able to make changes to the height in moments, personnel has efficient time to focus on work. Since systems allow staff full adaptability, facilities can use fewer to accommodate employees and save money on equipment.

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The lightweight and durable solutions include digital keypad controls that simplify operation. It ensures users avoid wasting time while rearranging the area to provide maximum comfort. Personnel then experiences fewer injuries and maintain a healthier lifestyle while being productive.

Adjustable office computer desks

The adjustable office computer desks have storage drawers large enough to keep small items organized and safe. This includes general supplies such as scratch pads, writing utensils, and more that employees need quick access to during the workday. It provides users a separate place to store this stuff during nonuse, keeping the worktop clean. Rather than leave these items out in a disorganized mess, staff can secure everything there until needed. Taking a few moments to put materials away ensures facilities experience less property theft and avoid spending money to replace stolen items.

adjustable office computer desks storage drawersConstruction: Solid industrial-strength aluminum framework with leveling feet that provide balance to ensure steady use on uneven floors.

Work Surface: Medium density fiberboard (MDF) work surface durable enough provide reliable service that lasts.

Drawers:  Convenient sliding desk drawer ensures efficient space-savings in a small footprint while keeping stored items safe and organized.

Height Adjustment: Digital controller with LED display and four height memory settings that users can pre-program to ensure efficient use.

Motor: Single heavy-duty gear motor adjusting the work surface 1.5" per second.

Weight Capacity: Systems can support up to 175 lbs.

Assembly: Easy-to-assemble systems ship unassembled.

Certifications: CARD approved, meets ANSI/BIFMA standards

Warranty: Five-year manufacturer's limited warranty on non-electronic components; two-year manufacturer's limited warranty on electronic components.

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