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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Electric motor workstations allow ergonomic height adjustments for workflow efficiency

electric motor workstations adjustmentsElectric motor workstations use a programmable switch that moves up and down to accommodate ergonomic height adjustments that range from 30 1/2" to 46 1/2". Users can add accessories to create efficient, all-purpose technical benching tables that can accommodate rotating shifts. This includes storage components such as an overhead light that provides visibility, so users avoid working in total darkness.

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More features like an upper shelf, bin rail and under work surface drawer provide users with space to keep equipment organized yet close to speed access. Others such as an electrical power strip allow users to integrate technology that can improve workflow efficiencies. The systems even come with ESD, maple or laminate work surfaces that add an attractive look while ensuring ample space to tackle any industrial project.

Electric motor workstations ship free saving money

technical benching tables rotating shiftsElectric motor workstations allow users to make adjustments in height to create comfortable working conditions. The systems ship free to save users money and ensure affordability. Its many attractive features add value while keeping costs low to promote budget friendliness.

Construction: Benches fabricated from all steel frame construction with a choice of ESD, laminate, or maple work surfaces that add an attractive look

Work Surface Heights: Work surfaces adjust from 30.5" to 46.5" high with an up/down switch that allows users to create ergonomic working conditions. Users can even program the benches to three heights that meet user comfort preferences to ensure optimal work performance. Work surface travels at .5" per second to help speed adjustments and allow more efficient use.

Motors: UL and CSA approved electric motor and control box.

Weight Capacity: Total weight capacity of 1000 Lbs.

Finish: Steel components are powder coated with laminate or ESD worksurface materials. Other colors are available (4 to 6 weeks ship time).

Accessories: Available accessories include overhead light, upper shelf, bin rail, electrical power strip, and under work surface drawer.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

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