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Last updated: November 30, 2018

Adjustable art drafting benches promote ergonomics & productivity

electric industrial tilting top tables

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Specialty electric and manual industrial tilting top tables provide adjustable art drafting benches that promote ergonomics and productivity. Users can angle attractive laminate or hardwood work surfaces to bring projects within better personal reach. It allows staff to exhibit better sitting or standing posture while working on activities. Personnel does not need to bend down or lean forward and risk feeling uncomfortable or unsafe and maintains personal health when faced with meeting deadlines.

Electric & manual industrial tilting top tables

manual adjustable art drafting benchesDepending on the configuration, electric and manual industrial tilting top tables allow 30-to-60 degree angling from users wanting to create ergonomic working conditions. Pick from models with full-surface tilt or split surface tilt capabilities to accommodate application needs. One option allows users to raise the entire workspace and have more efficient access to materials resting there. Large enough to encourage collaboration, it ensures colleagues can see changes made to projects while exchanging ideas.

Simple and cost-effective in design, the other provides the same benefit on a smaller scale and more appropriate to use during light duty applications. Ample, convenient workspace flanks the main work surface, providing users a place to keep materials close and accessible. It ensures personnel spends less time retrieving supplies from other areas, promoting better workflow efficiency.

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