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Past Solutions for Improving Workplace Ergonomics

electric height adjustable flip top workstations for improving ergonomicsAs we’ve transitioned to more office jobs, employees find themselves sitting for hours on end every day. But these long periods of sitting are having a negative impact on employee health. As a result, improving workplace ergonomics has become very important. One of the first solutions to keep workers in a better position was the standing desk. But that meant that employees were now standing all day or switching back and forth from different desks.

The next solution was a table surface that could be manually height adjusted, and while it solved the problem of needing two worksurfaces, it lacked the ability to create privacy and was missing tools like tackboards and whiteboards. The solution to provide a proper sit/stand desk is finally here – SwiftSpace SHAPE, an electric height adjustable flip-top workstation on casters.

Quickly and Easily Transition from Sitting to Standing

Encouraging employees to stand and work for certain lengths of time each day improves posture and helps to prevent back and neck strain, which leads to healthier, happier employees. The SwiftSpace SHAPE workstations will meet these needs quite conveniently, transitioning from a sitting workstation to a standing workstation at the push of a button.  The whole transformation takes place electronically.

Also, the workstation comes fully assembled.  And because of the flip-top and casters, you can store it – folded to 25 percent of its standing size – and set it up, on your own, when you are ready for it.  It only takes one person a couple of minutes to unfold the workstations and set them up.

Using the Electric Height Adjustable Flip-Top Workstations

flip top workstations move on casters for collaborative meetingsEmployees can sit at their private workstations, recording notes and calculations. Then, with the push of a button, their desk will transform into a whiteboard, which can be spun this way and that, moved from room to room on casters – all with their notes clearly displayed. That’s just one of the many things the SHAPE adjustable flip-top workstations can do.

Privacy screens can be installed or removed in seconds, transitioning the workstation from a secluded desk to a highly shareable collaboration station at a moment’s notice (and the accessory bar, which holds the technology stays put so there is no need to disassemble it).

With the SwiftSpace SHAPE height adjustable flip-top workstations, you can accommodate all the work tools employees require while giving them both the ability to sit and stand. Your happier, healthier employees – who are better able to shift from quiet work to group discussions – will undoubtedly make the office run at a faster, smoother pace.

Contact Us for Electric Height Adjustable Flip-Top Workstations

Southwest Solutions Group® provides SwiftSpace SHAPE electric height adjustable flip-top workstations to all types of businesses and organizations. We will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.



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