Efficient Shelf color-coded filing increases productivity

efficient shelf color coded filing 3Time is money, especially when enlisting the help of a law firm for advice about a legal matter. And when people are seeking guidance from an attorney, they want the best representation their money can buy. The energy, resources. and time you have available to devote in assisting them will depend on the complexity of the case, as well as the state of your entire caseload. Don’t let the stress of everything keep you from providing effective counsel to clients. Consider using efficient shelf color-coded filing instead. It leads to better case management for law firms, which increases productivity and improves client satisfaction. Click here to see how efficient shelf color-coded filing works.

How efficient shelf color-coded filing works

How does efficient shelf color coded filing lead to better case management for law firms? The files that hold sensitive information concerning client cases feature a colored label on the folder tab designed to take the form of one of several systems. Efficient shelf color-coded filing is available as a letter, number, or terminal digit coded system. All that is needed to create it is a software program that produces the labels right from your desktop computer. Simply type the file label information into the computer, print the label out, and stick it to the file folder. Labels can be displayed on the folder several different ways with the help of file converters. This allows law firms the freedom to organize files to their liking for the best possible convenience. And, because they are colored, the labels used in connection with efficient shelf color-coded filing serve as a visual aid when it comes to accessing stored case files. Their design and how they are displayed on the file folders makes the process of retrieving them easier and more efficient.

Benefits of using efficient shelf color-coded filing

leads to better case management for law firms 4There are many benefits to using efficient shelf color-coded filing for better case management at law firms. They use less space than traditional vertical and lateral four-drawer filing cabinets. This is because efficient shelf color-coded filing is designed to function with open shelves that don’t require space to accommodate for the opening and closing of file drawers when navigating through files. This means there is more than enough room to store all the information relevant to a case in one place. It also means the possibility of misplacing or losing paperwork is far less likely and that the stress of having to find mislaid files will be replaced by a happier, more smoothly run work environment. In addition, it leads to better case management for law firms because you’ll be able to concentrate on the development of a case and better prioritize the needs of your clients without skipping procedural steps when working on a case. Efficient shelf color-coded filing leads to better case management for law films because it saves space and time.

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