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Bins on shelves or pick racks create more efficient & organized storage

drawers deep heavy duty dividers bulky partsThese drawers have a deep design and heavy-duty construction that provides efficient waterproof protection while resisting oil and chemicals. Each can fit optional dividers that customize and optimize space to make organizing bulky parts more efficient. Users can even install the bins on open and closed steel shelves or pick racks with a sloped design to create more efficient and organized storage.

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Those who use the bins on steel shelves with an open or closed design can expect to receive a sturdy, high-density storage solution. Either option sells as a complete package to promote economic savings and reduces the time users spend locating parts. The systems measure 36" x 75" x 39" and have shelves that can support a load capacity of 400 lbs. each. Units with an open design allow users to color-code bins, so order picking and inventory control become easier to manage. Those with a closed design prevent dust and dirt accumulation, so users can depend on the shelving to keep stored materials clean.

Users who choose to integrate the bins with pick racks that have a sloped design can expect to get a pre-fitted, effective flow shelving storage system. Single-sided and double-sided units are available to meet user needs. Each features a durable gray baked enamel finish and provide users with easy access to stored items. Users can assemble the freestanding systems with ease and remove the drawers at any time for packing or cleaning purposes.

Drawers fit dividers optimizing space for bulky parts

bins shelves storageThe drawers have a deep design and heavy-duty construction with grooves for dividers that separate space to optimize use and prevent users from mixing bulky parts. The containers are injection molded from a virgin grade high impact polystyrene and are near unbreakable. Each includes a smooth front curved pull handle with ample space to accommodate pressure sensitive identification labels or barcodes. Their use would allow users to recognize parts with ease and make inventory control more efficient.

Other system features such as a full-width ledge ensure spill-free use when used on shelving. The front handle includes an opening that allows users to have convenient and easy gripping The containers even come in attractive colors that users can depend on to ease color-coding inventory.

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