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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Versatile office copy area casegoods allow multipurpose use

office copy area casegoodsAttractive drawer storage counters or open shelf islands with wall cabinets provide office copy area casegoods that allow multipurpose use. Expert designers and dealers can engineer configurations with enough versatility to meet whatever users need. Some available options include:

  • Worksurfaces high enough to allow ergonomic use.
  • Locked storage to accommodate supplies users want to keep safe from theft and damage or open storage designed to fit a copier
  • Cabinet shelves that slide out to allow personnel more comfortable printer access

Read on to learn more about the signature features included in the sample installations.

Drawer storage counters & shelf islands with wall cabinets maximize space

shelf islands wall cabinets

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Like the other office copy area casegoods, the drawer storage counters have wall cabinets overhead that help maximize space. The clean and attractive solution sits adjacent to equipment that supports staff productive efforts. Versatile in design, it can accommodate activities staff perform there as well as in neighboring areas. This includes individual open offices and casual booths that staff can sit at while eating. The multi-purpose system uses minimal floor and wall space, allowing facilities the capacity to integrate these convenient amenities within the same efficient footprint.

The alternative open shelf islands have wall cabinets that occupy tough-to-use corners to maximize space. Personnel has comfortable access to clean counter space and extra supplies underneath, avoiding injury during material retrieval. Stack printer paper and more several high, as one facility did here. It promotes maximum small-space efficiency and ensures organized material consolidation, all within one convenient footprint.

Ten reasons to choose modular cabinets and storage casegoods.

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