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Last updated: February 01, 2016

Medical Solutions High Density Shelving

dialysate jug storage system mobile shelvingLarge quantities of pre-formulated medical solutions often need to be stored in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, dialysis clinics, and other treatment centers. These solutions, which need to be kept sterile and organized, are usually stored in heavy jugs that take up a lot of space. This was becoming a problem in dialysis clinic who needed an efficient dialysate jug storage system in its dialysis unit. Staff needed convenient access to the solutions as well as the ability to stock and retrieve items efficiently. High density shelving for medical solutions was installed to ensure efficiency with stocking, restocking, and retrieval. Click here to watch a video about how high density shelves work.

Heavy Medical Solutions Jug Storage

medical solutions dialysis clinic mobile storage

The high density medical solutions shelving needed to be able to accommodate the dialysate jug liquid's weight and had to be installed on top of the existing floor. Because the clinic needed to store so many jugs, the staff decided on a compact mobile high density system. Shelving units were mounted on the carriages that move along rails, compacting when not in use. When an aisle needs to be created, the staff simply turns the mechanical-assist handles, allowing them to move the heavy jug storage shelves with minimal effort.

The high density jug storage system was also installed with floorless rails, which provides:

  • precision alignment with a durable running surface
  • smooth and reliable carriage operation
  • even load distribution
  • full configurability of the shelves
  • low-profile, lightweight, and corrosion-free rail design
  • installation directly on top of existing floor slab

The high density dialysate jug storage system was able to accommodate shelving units that were taller than originally planned thanks to the system's unique configuration. The storage now eliminates wasted space throughout the room and allows staff to store more solutions in the same amount of space as before.

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