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Sturdy & sterile casegoods meet academic & medical needs

dental care teaching stationsDental care teaching stations and EMS SIM (Emergency Medical Services Simulator) mannequin heavy-duty slider drawer storage provide sturdy, sterile casegoods. Experts designed the solutions to look and function as others found in real-life medical workspaces. It allows a university to have a state-of-the-art learning space that educates students about safe hygiene and how to execute patient procedures. Continue reading to learn how future healthcare professionals benefit from the systems’ use.

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The durable, sanitary casegoods occupy a modern facility that caters to students receiving instruction in many healthcare disciplines. This includes everything from emergency medical services (EMS) and dental hygiene to occupational therapy and more. Those studying these areas get to sharpen practical skills in a hybrid environment that meets academic and medical standards.

Attractive dental care teaching stations

Attractive dental care teaching stations have everything students need to treat actual patients twice a week. Stack surgical gloves up to three boxes high in the corner to maximize space and promote convenient material access. Users can remove drawers from lower cabinets to allow easy cleaning and supply restocking during clinical downtime. Integrated sink stations with soap and paper towel dispensers allow students a sterile, safe space to wash equipment used during patient check-ups

ems sim mannequin heavy duty slider drawer storageSystems have sealed edges and backsplashes to prevent liquids from flowing everywhere and countertops sturdier, thicker in design than the industry standard. One feature keeps unsanitary fluids from spreading and other can withstand backpack abuse. It ensures students have the capacity to learn and maintain good hygiene while practicing teeth-cleaning techniques on patients.

Mannequin heavy-duty slider drawer storage

Custom-made EMS SIM mannequin heavy-duty slider drawer storage keeps medical teaching tools safe. An open front allows convenient visibility and airflow to keep materials dust free.  Systems feature ergonomic handles that users pull on to bring equipment within safe, accessible reach. Students can retrieve items without injury and practice life-saving techniques on the sturdy countertop. Stored dummies lie flat to maximize the available space with ample room between bins to prevent damage and ensure proper performance during class.

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