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Last updated: March 04, 2016

Decentralized nurses supply station boosts patient care quality

decentralized nurses supply stationInpatient care was transformed for the better when a 14-bed unit of a medical center changed the way its nurses administered care to patients, recently. In order to meet certain goals, however, the medical center needed to adopt a new approach called "Collaborative Care." It meant having to modernize their storage areas. They employed a decentralized nurses supply station because it is storage working to improve inpatient care at its best. And, with its installation, the nursing staff were able to give the quality of care offered a much needed boost. This is because the decentralized nurses supply station allowed them to more than satisfy the goals they wanted to achieve. These included to make the most of limited storage space by maximizing storage capacity for equipment, supplies and medications inside the patient rooms. More time for interaction between caregivers and the sick was also strongly desired. The system also served as a place for essential items to be stored without requiring a lot of back-and-forth to and from patient rooms, as well as better integrated materials management at less of a financial expense. See sizes and specifications for decentralized nurses supply station to improve inpatient care

Decentralized nurses supply station reduces infectionis storage working to improve inpatient care

Built right into the wall that divides the corridor from the room of a patient, a decentralized nurses supply station carriage is made from lightweight aluminum. It is split into two sections and features enough storing capacity to keep essential and basic medical supplies and equipment all in one place and within just 10 steps of a patient's bedside. This significantly reduces the time nurses spend looking for and collecting materials needed to care for ailing patients, increasing productivity. With the decentralized nurses supply station just an arm's length away, it means nurses are better equipped to take care of patients. And, because it is storage working to improve inpatient care, there is also the added benefit of not having to sacrifice quality of care to efficiently meet the demands of their job. In addition, the system is designed to slide out into the corridor for improved accessibility when restocking supplies. This eliminates the need to go in or out of a patient room, minimizing the presence of hospital acquired infections. And, because there is less foot traffic in areas designated for patients, the sick recover quicker and experience a shorter hospital stay.

Decentralized nurses supply station is highly cost effective

The decentralized nurses supply station is highly cost effective when compared to storage solutions of similar design that are out on the market today because it integrates well into your building's existing design. It maximizes cost-per-square foot by producing more usable space in a footprint that is already established. And, since it can be configured with a range of carriage widths and lengths, as well as shelving heights, you won't have to the deal with the inconvenience that comes with having to renovate space for it fit and properly function. We offer a wide range of healthcare solutions to solve storage problems in hospitals, not just decentralized nurses supply station. 

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