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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Child lockers with overhead wall cabinets & shelves optimize space & promote safety

child lockers overhead wall cabinets shelvesChild lockers with overhead wall cabinets and shelves provide preschool class storage casegoods that maximize space and more. Units have easy-to-access interiors deep enough to protect student belongings from dust and moisture damage. This includes organized jackets and backpacks that hang on integrated durable hooks. Read on to learn more about the sample installations.

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Have experts adapt the durable systems in underused areas that have overhang and odd corner spaces, as two facilities did here. It creates a clean, attractive look while maximizing capacity usage. The affordable solutions can have extra protection against bacteria built-in to keep everyone safe and healthy. It shields the easy-to-clean casework from microbes that cause stains, deterioration, and odors too.

Students avoid breathing in unpleasant smells and feeling unable to learn during the year. Educational facilities do not have to close on a temporary basis and sanitize everything due to unsafe conditions. Rather, everyone working on scholastic aspirations has clean and safe access to the furniture.

Ergonomic preschool class storage casegoods promote order

preschool class storage casegoodsSome upper preschool class storage casegoods have solid doors that help conceal stored materials from public view. Use the area to organize items that you would rather keep out of kids' reach. It ensures teachers avoid cleaning up unexpected messes and have efficient supplies to distribute when needed. Exterior pull handles allow instructors to access stuff stored there without any physical discomfort.

Consider adding labels that display everyone's names within the open-front interiors as one facility did here. It ensures kids keep their personal belongings safe and organized within shared space. Facilities meet student needs while putting a limited footprint to more efficient use. It prevents peers from hanging their stuff on chairs a few feet away and getting distracted during lessons.  

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