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Last updated: April 12, 2019

Accountable Mail Management Delivery Lockers

corporate accountable mail management lockersHow many packages does your office handle in a day? In corporate offices, mailrooms often receive 500 to 1,000 individually accountable parcels or deliveries and many of them have to be logged manually. This opens up a significant risk of packages being misplaced, lost, or stolen. Accountable mail management and package delivery tracking lockers are a great solution for corporate offices and mailrooms that receive large numbers of employee parcels. With automated package tracking capabilities, the lockers secure the chain of custody to ensure every delivery reaches its intended recipient without the labor-intensive and time-consuming task of manual package management. Click here to watch a video showing how the package delivery tracking lockers work.

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Automated Parcel Delivery Tracking & 24/7 Pickup

Manual package management often comes with multiple issues in regard to security and efficiency. Many corporations even have to hire full-time employees for the specific purpose of handling, logging, and delivering employee mail and packages. In addition to the sheer number of parcels that need to be managed, it's increasingly difficult to ensure that employees receive mail due to increased employee mobility with remote options and more flexible work schedules. Packages either have to be held for the employee or placed on their desk where they can easily be stolen.

mail management package delivery tracking lockersThe package delivery tracking lockers allow quick, secure storage of mail until the recipient is able to retrieve it. There is no need for manual logging or time-specific distribution, and employees can be sure their items are stored safely until they can pick them up at their earliest convenience. This accountable mail management process also provides real-time data within the locker network to track and control access. Automated tracking software ensures a secure chain-of-custody, and all package drop-offs and pick-ups are recorded.

The mail management delivery lockers provide multiple benefits and options, including:

  • 24/7 security and authorized access
  • Convenience reduces package holding time
  • Streamlined delivery
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use technology
  • Modular and scalable solution that can be adjusted or added to easily
  • Laminate, metal, and custom finishes available
  • Customizable to your specific workflow needs
  • Configurable as standalone kiosk or networked
  • RFID, QR codes, and other high tech options available

24/7 Parcel Locker Kits for Condos & Apartments   

Number of Condos/ApartmentsTotal Locker
XSmall Compartments
(5”H x 13.5”W)*
Small Compartments (10”H x 13.5”W)*Medium Compartments
(16.25”H x 13.5”W)*
Large Compartments
(33.25”H x 22.5”W)*
100 Units 12 6 4 2 0 2015 revit thumb
200 Units 26 12 7 6 0 2015 revit thumb
300 Units 41 18 13 8 2 2015 revit thumb
400 Units 59 24 19 14 2 2015 revit thumb
500 Units 70 30 22 14 4 2015 revit thumb
600 Units 83 36 25 18 4 2015 revit thumb
700 Units 97 42 31 20 4 2015 revit thumb
800 Units 110 48 34 24 4 2015 revit thumb
900 Units 126 54 40 26 6 2015 revit thumb
 *All compartment openings are 13.5" wide x 22.5" deep (except large compartments)

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