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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Mobile optometry school lab supply casegoods protect medical equipment

console cabinet shelf storage cartsDurable console cabinet shelf storage carts or mobile optometry school lab supply casegoods have the strength to protect small medical equipment during transit. Students training as eye doctors can use the stored items to practice proper exam techniques. Then return it to the shelves as class finishes to keep shared workspaces clean and tidy. Teaching facilities avoid throwing out older resources that still work, increasing its lifespan and maximize their material investment.

Ten reasons to choose modular storage casegoods and cabinets.

Console cabinet shelf storage carts save space

mobile optometry school lab supply casegoodsThe console cabinet shelf storage carts have doors that open wide to allow future eye physicians ergonomic material access. Users can then retrieve organized items as needed from spacious compartments without injury. While safe behind the solid access doors, everything avoids getting covered with dust. 

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Move systems against underused walls during nonuse to save space and ensure everyone has safer access to the floor. It helps create safer learning environments and prevent injury as students and instructors move around the classroom during lessons. Facilities avoid wasting space while putting it to more efficient use and maintain safe working conditions, too.

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