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Last updated: September 21, 2018

Configured 4-post shelving maximizes sample storage

configured 4 post shelvingAs a result of participating in a contest, an architecture and design firm won an opportunity to organize their resource library to be more accessible and efficient for those who used it. And it came at just the right time, because the current setup of the space made the sample resource library appear to be in complete and utter disarray. To fix the problem, various configured 4-post shelving was installed. It effectively maximizes vertical space for improved sample storage, while enhancing accessibility and boosting efficiency.

The existing storage, including lateral filing drawers, made it difficult to properly store much of the firm's samples. It left no space available for housing reference materials. In addition, it made accessing heavy tile samples burdensome. The environment posed a slight danger to those who worked in it as well because carpet squares of an awkward shape had to be stored on the floor. In the production area used to create boards and cut materials, an old island made out of wood featured compartments of inadequate size for improper holding of samples, supplies and paper.

Configured 4-post shelving can be made to move from side-to-side for enhanced access to supplies and materials held on static storage shelves.

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Configured 4-post shelving is flexible

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of flexibility this configured 4-post shelving has, it enhances the functionality of any space with ease. Because of its ability to do so, the shelving was the perfect solution for the firm to use in this case. More drawers and shelves were able to added in places where they hadn't been before simply because the configured 4-post shelving maximizes vertical space for improved sample storage. It created space the firm needed to store everything from a reference library to building supply samples all in the same location for improved accessibility.

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Do more with configured 4-post shelving

maximizes vertical space for improved sample storageThe configured 4-post shelving served the firm well. With it in place, the space housing the sample resource library was transformed from what it used to be into an area designed to meet their storage needs. And, because items of every shape and size now had a place to go, it lent a hand where productivity was concerned. This is because some areas, such as the center work island, worked in a dual capacity. It also functioned as a collaboration space, allowing for team members to do more than before.

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