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Last updated: February 11, 2021

ADA-Compliant Shelving Saves Space and Serves All Needs

compliant and safe high density storageThe Americans With Disabilities Act sets out rules and regulations for all commercial and public facilities to accommodate individuals with disabilities. There is no exception when it comes to storage. 

Though the issue of storage is not explicitly discussed in the ADA, several guidelines may be applicable. Not only are businesses required to comply with the ADA, but investing in ADA-compliant storage is also the right thing to do to provide opportunities for employees, customers, and constituents of all ability levels. Fortunately, at Southwest Solutions, we can help you design high-density mobile shelving that complies with ADA guidelines.

What Is High-Density Mobile Storage?

Libraries, museums, law offices, and many other businesses need to store a growing amount of assets. These can be things like patient files, invoices, inventory, books, equipment, and more. Adding rows and rows of storage shelves can take up a lot of valuable space. The answer is high-density mobile storage.

Mobile storage shelves are placed on carriages or tracks that can allow the shelves to move, eliminating the need for aisles between each row. When an employee or customer needs to access a shelf, they can move the shelves to find what they need. Using high-density mobile storage can cut your storage space in half, saving you space, improving productivity, and increasing your bottom line.

How to Make Mobile Storage Accessible Storage

mobile track rolling shelving systemsHigh-density mobile storage offers a lot of benefits, but is it considered an accessible storage solution? Remember, the ADA does not provide specific guidelines for storage. However, at Southwest Solutions, our shelves can be designed to accommodate those with disabilities. For instance, we can program our rolling shelves to move with the help of a hand crank or powered push button or manually. Our certified and factory-trained installers will place hand cranks or push buttons at a location to accommodate those with mobility challenges.

Additionally, our planning and design team can ensure that ADA-compliant mobile shelving can open far enough to accommodate wheelchairs as well as individuals of different sizes. We can also design the actual shelves to provide better access for all.

From there, you may wish to add ramps, bars, and slip-resistance flooring. You may also want to add colored and textured file tabs to make it easy for all to identify the files they need.

Let Us Help You Design Accessible Storage Solutions

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we’ve been offering storage solutions to all kinds of businesses for over 50 years and have satisfied customers to prove it. Our team is ready and willing to discuss ADA compliance for high-density storage with you and to help you design a storage system that will accommodate and benefit all your employees and customers (including future customers and employees). 

We believe that businesses that support all employees and customers gain valuable loyalty in return. Take a look at our blog for more great storage ideas, and then contact us to schedule a consultation today. 


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