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Last updated: May 11, 2018

Compact school library reservation service desks maximize space savings

compact school library reservation service desksCompact school library reservation service desks with expandable book storage shelves provide convenient, secure access to materials awaiting pickup. Experts recommended the counter-height system to an institution wanting a solution to keep materials on hold safe while allowing faster stocking and retrieval. Its design includes standard rails and flooring over the existing floor which facilitate system movement to maximize space savings when not in use.

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Expandable book storage shelves

The expandable book storage shelves have ample space in between each aisle to allow easier access to stored materials placed on hold. It stores and organizes valued reads with spines standing straight up to make title recognition easier. The space-saving system sits behind the circulation desk and slides apart, creating aisle space wide enough to speed stocking and retrieval.

Compact school library reservation service desks keep books on hold safe

expandable book storage shelvesPersonnel can watch over stored inventory while working a short distance away during the day. Then close and lock the compact school reservation service desks at night to keep items that still need picking up safe. The system features end panels and tops clad in finishes to match the library's interior design.

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