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Adjustable mobile hotel concierge service desks save space & more

compact portable speaker podiumsCompact portable speaker podiums or adjustable mobile hotel concierge service desks provide a versatile storage solution. Fitted with heavy-duty casters on the bottom, users can relocate systems to the point of need in moments and save space. Configurations have attractive and clean furniture-grade laminate construction that hospitality environments want.

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Roll it near doorways to expedite guest arrival and departure processes. Staff can then advise anyone unfamiliar with the resort's layout about where to find the reception area. It helps keep long lines to a minimum while ensuring everyone's safety. Facilities benefit from this arrangement in many ways too, including:

  • Being able to deliver efficient customer service during peak times.
  • Increasing profits and repeat business potential.

Affordable compact portable speaker podiums 

adjustable mobile hotel concierge service desksThe affordable compact portable speaker podiums have many features that increase functionality. Some performance-enhancing components that come with this model include:

  • A flexible, space-saving folding side shelf to organize and display city maps and local excursion brochures.
  • A 14-space audio/computer equipment threaded rack frame to integrate multimedia electronics. Hidden behind secure access doors, the staff does not have power chords out in open and avoid creating unsafe conditions. It allows personnel to keep guests entertained while checking on a room reservation or arranging transport to a local hot spot. 
  • An attractive flat top surface large enough to accommodate workflow demands.

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