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Last updated: June 06, 2018

Compact mobile racks with shelves & more maximize athletic gear space

compact mobile racks shelves bins dividers doors lockCompact mobile racks with shelves, bins, dividers, and doors that lock provide a school sports storage area with secure and efficient space to organize gear. Users must rotate hand-crank controls on outside panels with pleasing aesthetics to open rows with expandable aisles that allow safe access to items. Turn the handle again to close the floor-track sliding shelf aisles and maximize space within an existing footprint. 

Experts recommended the secure, space-efficient solution to an athletics department who found themselves needing a better way to store multiple types of sports gear. An addition built onto the existing high school provided staff the opportunity to rethink their storage. Not wanting to waste time, the department invited a representative to visit the school and talk things through. The expert did many things while there, including:

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  • Taking a look at the space.
  • Gaining a more thorough understanding of the athletic department's storage needs.
  • Showing staff photos of other schools' storage solutions.

The end solution needed to address coach and team manager concerns about security while providing efficient space to keep everything organized. Theft on school grounds wasn't a common problem, but experience taught staff that items sometimes vanish in urgent situations. Aware that it could happen, coaches and team managers wanted to have separate locking sections for each sport. That way, they could know what every athletic team had on hand.

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The consultant suggested using compact mobile racks fit with shelves and more to create a secure school sports storage area that maximizes space. Added accessories such as custom bins allow ample space to stack basketballs that need organizing. Others, like dividers, assist with gravity-fed sock and sweatband distribution while doors attached to each open shelving face lock to provide security that prevents theft.

Secure & organized multi-school sports storage area

Users have access to a multi-school sports storage area with secure and efficient space to keep assorted apparel and equipment organized. Jeserys on hangers fit garment rails, allowing users to maximize the available space. Exterior panel graphics add pleasing aesthetics while labels promote order to ease item identification and speed retrieval.

Watch a video on how high-density compact mobile rack shelving maximizes space.

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