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Last updated: October 08, 2018

Compact mobile label index shelving improves time retrieval efficiency

compact mobile label index shelvingCompact mobile label index shelving provides screen-printing custom ink jar vault storage that promotes order to save time and maximize space efficiency. Experts provided the space-saving solution to a firm wanting to improve material retrieval efficiency from an hour to less than a minute. Systems feature hand crank controls which users turn to eliminate empty aisles that waste space during nonuse. Performing the operation gets carriages moving over floor tracks that guide open rows into a smaller space. Users go from improving footprint efficiency and material handling in mere moments, increasing space and item access to save time during retrieval.

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While many working in the business often see growth as a good thing, it can sometimes lead to inefficiency like here. Companies that re-evaluate and adjust storage systems to keep pace with current needs can avoid experiencing what the profiled firm did. Continue reading to learn more about what the organization found themselves dealing with.

screen printing custom ink jar vault storageSpecializing in creating custom ink colors, it accumulated many 4-ounce jars with custom colors over a more than 40-year timeframe. The facility stored the entire collection on makeshift shelves spread out across multiple buildings, creating inefficient time use during retrieval. With as many as 16,000 jars to sort through, staff would spend extensive time trying to find the correct color to accommodate project requests.

Wanting to improve efficiency, an employee reached out to a local storage representative to inquire about an alternative solution that could meet this need. To create more effective compact mobile label index shelving, the expert recommended using specialized "stepped" shelf inserts. Combining components with carriage-mounted compactable racks would allow more label visibility and improve retrieval.

Screen-printing custom ink jar vault storage

The screen-printing custom ink jar vault storage compacts to consolidate color samples in a footprint half the size, providing users with twice the capacity. Open rows provide space-efficient aisles to allow more efficient retrieval, saving users time. Signage on exterior panels help direct personnel to the correct aisles and prevent wasting time while locating stored color samples. Stored items sit in an organized capacity with labels facing front to ease content reading and identification during retrieval. 

Watch a video that highlights how compact mobile shelving racks allow users to maximize space efficiency. 

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