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Last updated: January 15, 2016

Compact high density storage supports hoteling

compact high density storageA firm, known as a world leader in management consulting, had restructured itself by consolidating several offices into one and was looking to embrace the hoteling trend sweeping the nation. With many consultants already using hoteling to drive their approach to work and a desire to introduce better strategies for increasing innovation, productivity and teamwork at the office, the firm needed to implement a better way of doing things. It turned to compact high density storage for support. It saves space and improves function for hoteling to thrive. And, because the system is adaptable, it worked well with the newly designed 126,000 square-foot interior. High density compact storage saves space and improves function for hoteling

Accomplish more with high density compact storage

Since the firm decided to have compact high density storage installed on five floors, consultants were granted better access to files stored inside. This meant that they were free to conduct business from anywhere in the building. And, because the system condenses to store materials in less room, it saves space and improves function for hoteling. Consultants could then accomplish more in a day, while providing clients with better service through efficient use of workstations, collaboration spaces, assigned walled offices and support areas.

Compact high density storage securely stores items

high density compact storageSo how does hoteling work, exactly? Firm consultants, who desire to work from designated hoteling areas, simply reserve an unoccupied work space prior to reporting for work. Client files and records are then retrieved from assigned compact high density storage with a key before sitting down to work. The key locked shelves and doors inside the compact high density storage ensure items stored there are left undisturbed throughout the day or night. This security feature gives hoteling consultants peace of mind, allowing them to be productive and get more done. It also takes away the hassle of having to carry materials from the office home and back again on a daily basis. See compact high density storage at work.

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