Compact Electric Racking Effectively Stores Microfilm Checks Files and Boxes

Auto Rack Compact Electric Racking

Growth and new acquisitions created space problems for several departments at a local bank. Compact Electric Racking for storing microfilm, checks, files, and boxes helped to solve all the bank’s space problems. The Compact Electric Racking removes unnecessary access aisles to condense the racks and create one or two movable aisles and helped the bank use their floor space more effectively. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

How the Bank Used Compact Electric Racking to Solve Their Storage Space Problems

Compact Electric Racking

The computer tape library and credit files area were among the first to feel the growth squeeze. Compact Electric Racking was installed in both departments to relieve space pressure. Later, when the bank switched to bulk check filing and needed space near the computer room, Compact Electric Racking was added to make the limited floor space in that area for storing checks go farther.

Next, came the adjustments department where computer reports and daily transaction material were stored on open shelves. Here Compact Electric Racking was installed to provide the needed space for storing files and boxes. In addition, the boxes were specially designed to store the odd-sized daily material and bring order and efficiency to the department.

When acquisitions put additional pressure on space, expansion to an operations center required more creative storage solutions. The bank’s experience with Compact Electric Racking at their first location was put to good use in their new facility.

Three of the Compact Electric Racking systems were relocated from the first location to the new location, and two of the racking systems were expanded to accommodate the extra material generated by the growth. In addition, new Compact Electric Racking with a custom designed auto rack was installed for storing microfilm.

Designing and Installing Compact Electric Racking for Storing Microfilm Checks Files and Boxes

Southwest Solutions Group’s storage specialists design, install, service, and relocate Compact Electric Racking. If you are looking for an efficient storage system for storing microfilm, checks, files, and boxes, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message so we can put you in touch with the specialist in your area.


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