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Compact art racks with UV-safety glass curtain walls protect & save space

compact art racks uv safety glass curtain wallsCompact art racks with UV (ultraviolet) safety glass curtain walls provide gallery painting display storage that patrons can view from behind reflective interior paneling. It spans from floor to ceiling to create a secure, visible enclosure that preserves valued collections' integrity. The shelves have a lateral design that experts integrate with the floor to provide convenient and flexible mobility that maximizes space. On the far end, experts adapted a specialized component to help minimize displayed items exposure to natural sunlight. It ensures items have a longer lifespan and allows museums the flexibility to extend observation privileges to a larger audience. Continue reading to learn more about the systems' installation and use.

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After outgrowing its collection storage space, museum management focused on building a new facility adjacent to the existing historic mansion and carriage house. Staff and architects collaborated on the design to create a contemporary five-story building that keeps collections safe.  It needed to enhance the landmark neighborhood and have accessible event spaces and public passageways that made visitors feel welcome, too.

gallery painting display storageThe compact art racks, with end panels along the exterior UV-safety glass curtain walls, ensure hanging works avoid harmful light exposure when closed. It provides efficient coverage and absorbs damaging sun rays to preserve items' integrity. Sturdy grip handles allow users to move units independent from one another until resting in less space, promoting maximum footprint use. Staff have more capacity and can configure the area to create an efficient and organized environment that accommodates collection growth.

Visible gallery painting display storage

The galley painting display storage allows museum personnel to arrange large and small framed pieces in close proximity to one another and maximize the available space. The open area between each provides a large enough gap to ensure nothing gets damaged. Slight gaps in-between aisles allow clean airflow and ensure items on rear racks avoid pressing up against those in front. Visitors strolling through public access areas have a full view of collections and can look through the glass wall to appreciate items on display.

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