Take Advantage of a Small Space with Our Commercial Office Storage Solution 

High Density Shelving with acrylic frosted top shelf panels lets light in

These days space is a precious commodity. Many people work in downtown high rise buildings where rent is extremely expensive. Even still, they need an office with space for desks, a conference area, bathroom(s), a break room, and a storage area. As an architect or interior designer this doesn’t give you a whole lot to work with once you are done meeting their immediate needs. However, this lack of space can be the spark of inspiration you need to design a very creative yet eco-friendly office that uses every inch of available space, and we are here to help by providing you with one of our best commercial office storage solutions – High Density Shelving. (view images of High Density Shelving)

High Density Shelving is a Commercial Office Storage Solution that Maximizes Space

High Density Commercial Office Storage Solution for Architects and Interior Designers

When designing a commercial office storage space, the last thing anyone wants to think about is where they are going to store their paperwork, files, and office supplies. Unfortunately, these are necessary items for running a successful business, which means you have to factor them in. Now, you are probably worried that boring lateral file cabinets are going to spoil your design plans and take over what little floor space the office has. With High Density Shelving, you can save over 66% of the storage floor space that the lateral file cabinets would typically use while maintaining the same storage capacity. Now, because of this commercial office storage solution, you can get really creative with your design plans for all the extra space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Architects and Interior Designers Can Still Use Natural Light with High Density Shelving

When you are designing for a small space, natural lighting can make a big difference. Unlike other commercial office storage solutions like lateral cabinets, High Density Shelving can actually help to enhance the natural light in the office. For example, acrylic frosted panels can be used on the shelving so that light can pass through and help illuminate stored items. There is a wide selection of face and end panels available for architects and interior designers to choose from that will let natural light shine through. Lighting can be used in all kinds of creative ways with High Density Shelving, but it’s up to you as the architect and interior designer to make use of it.

High Density Shelving is a Commercial Office Storage Solution that provide securityHigh Density Shelving is an Eco-Friendly Commercial Office Storage Solution

Many of our commercial office storage solutions are GREENGUARD® Certified, including our High Density Shelving. If you are already trying to reduce your carbon footprint by designing a smaller building, High Density Shelving is a commercial office storage solution that will easily fit right into your plan because you can retain storage capacity while reducing the storage area. Your clients and building tenants will be happy because the smaller space will reduce their operating expenses of lighting, heating, and cooling the office. Also if you are concerned about floor loading issues with High Density Shelving, we have a solution for that. (Click here to read more about how we can install High Density Shelving without reinforcing the floor)

Providing Architects and Interior Designers with Commercial Office Storage Solutions

There are many ways to design for a tiny office space, so don’t let size discourage you from making the most out of it. We can help you with innovative and creative ways to create functional and fashionable storage spaces that you and your client can be excited about. You can trust our expertise because we have been providing architects and interior designers with commercial office storage solutions like High Density Shelving since 1969. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will help you transform a small area into an efficient and organized office.


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