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Commercial Food Storage Carousel

commercial food beverage production vertical carouselThe use of automated storage systems is predicted to rise across many industries in the next ten years and beyond. This trend has even spread to applications in food storage that have to follow specialized requirements while keeping up with rising demand. Airtight industrial carousel storage units provide a space-saving solution that meets these specialized needs for commercial food and beverage production such as inventory tracking, dust control, controlled temperatures, and dry conditions. Click here to watch a video showing how the airtight industrial carousel storage works.

Airtight Food & Beverage Commercial Storage

Numerous factors play into commercial food storage for manufacturers, restaurants, and other foodservice operations. Storage conditions are extremely important to the integrity of stored food. Common problems include expiration during storage, inadequate airflow, food stored on the floor due to lack of space, unlabeled items, and dust contamination, among others. This leads to inefficiency, lost profits, and foodborne illnesses.

airtight industrial carousel storage commercial food beverageThe industrial carousel storage units make all of these pitfalls easy to manage. When an employee needs to access a certain food item or beverage, the carousels automatically deliver the requested item to an ergonomically-placed opening. This process is much faster than walking and searching for items. It also keeps food and beverages properly stored, which can be difficult to manage on regular shelving. When stored within the carousels, it's easy to keep food storage within safety regulations to help you remain in compliance.

The carousels are also adaptable to unique storage environments such as refrigerated and temperature controlled rooms. Its airtight design also includes a dust cover panel to reduce or eliminate dust particles from contaminating stored food.

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