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Last updated: June 18, 2018

cold moving police shelves

Cold moving police shelves organize 

Cold moving police shelves in DUI case blood and urine sample evidence cooler storage areas create instant organization while optimizing space. Hand-crank controls facilitate carriage movement, allowing users to compact or expand access aisles when needing to save space and manage retrieval. Users have access to as much as double the capacity and can store more within the same footprint while preserving the custody chain. Rows with boxes that hold collected items have labels which help maintain order and speed retrieval. Shelf bins include descriptive tags that help ensure users stick to proper handling and preservation protocol.

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Watch a video that shows how high density moving shelves compact space to allow optimal use.

Cold moving police shelves optimize space ensuring efficient use

Experts provided the space-saving system and others to a city with growing biological evidence to store and keep cool. With so much to preserve, it needed an off-site facility to improve storage practices. The former distribution center would require renovation to create the state-of-the-art space the city desired. Aware that she would need to store ever-increasing evidence within the building's footprint, the evidence manager requested help from experts early in the design process. She and the local consultant partnered to design many efficient systems that could accommodate temporary property and more.

dui case blood urine sample evidence cooler storage

Concerns over optimizing space existed throughout the building, but none more than in the cold storage areas. Experts provided cold moving police shelves within the refrigerator in response. Their carriage mounted compactable design allows users to optimize space within the existing footprint. It would ensure more efficient capacity use while helping personnel to keep DUI case blood and urine samples organized and safe. Another system, in the freezer, holds biological evidence from homicides and sexual assaults. Each has ample space to preserve items based on judicial law requirements and provides secure access to ensure users maintain the custody chain.

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