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Wine Self-Storage Lockers

chilled wine self storage refrigerated lockersChilled wine self-storage refrigerated lockers and racks provide efficient and secure storage for commercial, restaurant, and personal applications. In the application below, a chilled wine self-storage facility installed customized wire mesh lockers to provide clients with a solution that meets their exact needs. Here, the durable lockers are designed for enhanced durability, visibility, and flexibility. See below to learn more.

Chilled Commercial Wine Storage Locker Racks

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The wine storage facility provides their clients with secure 24/7 access to their stored collections through an electronic entry and exit system. Since the facility offers self-storage and full-service storage, which includes shipping, inventory management, and consulting, they needed easily customizable lockers to fit their many needs.

refrigerated lockers commercial restaurant racks

The facility's layout also required a storage solution with a high level of customization. Due to the facility's varying ceiling heights, columns, and other structural restraints, the lockers had to have a unique design that would still provide secure storage around these obstructions and building requirements. Wide doors and shelves with custom-sized depths also provide easy access to wine cases.

Since the facility is refrigerated, any storage lockers would need to be able to withstand its weight and temperature control requirements. The lockers are designed with a durable construction and coating to be able to withstand humidity and corrosion since the facility is kept at 55 degrees with controlled humidity levels between 60-70%. Its wire mesh construction keeps wine cases visible at all times while remaining secure, and air flow prevents the accumulation of dust.

Wire partition lockers are a great solution for a variety of other unique applications just like this one. The locker partitions are available in a multitude of standard sizes with custom sizing available. Its modular design allows easy on-site reconfiguration as your needs change and installs quickly. 

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