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Space-efficient cell phone lockers keep valued items safe

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cell phone lockers lockable cabinet compartmentsSloped-top cell phone lockers with lockable cabinet compartments provide small electronic tablet storage that can protect valued items from theft. Individual, space-efficient units with user-provided padlock secure access can hold everything from powered, hand-held iPads to earphones. Even with all that stored there, each still has enough space to safeguard more personal items. This includes things like keys and wallets or purses that have information about users' identities.

Features for affordable small electronic tablet storage

The freestanding small electronic tablet storage includes many attractive features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. Among them are:

Construction: All welded durable steel cabinet construction with sloped tops to prevent users from storing things in an unsafe capacity.

small electronic tablet storage

Compartments: Have hinged doors with padlock lugs (padlocks not included) that can fit user-provided locking mechanisms to ensure security.

Finish: Available in several powder-coat finishes that add an attractive look.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to allow easier installation and faster use.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA.

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