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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Casegood cabinets with shock-resistant shelving ensure lasting service

casegood cabinets shock resistant shelvingAdapting casegood cabinets with shock-resistant shelving creates school music class instrument storage durable enough to withstand user impact. System components such as heavy-duty hardware and quality-made doors ensure models can last. Able to tolerate everyday student use, units avoid damage and deliver a strong performance all year.

Facilities can then reuse the same equipment to protect materials next year and save money on repairs across the board. It provides school districts with a safer, more efficient alternative to keeping these educational tools on the floor. Students avoid injury during storage and retrieval and have secure, comfortable access to everything. Items stored in protective cases avoid getting dirty and function as expected during lessons.

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Affordable school music class instrument storage

Experts can work with educators during design to ensure facilities receive the most economical and durable school music class instrument storage. Users must decide which shelf type to use during this time to ensure the solution looks and functions as needed. Attractive options to pick from include:

school music class instrument storageCaseliner™ – A charcoal gray, polyurethane/polyurea elastomer-coated, melamine-faced, 3/4-inch particleboard option. It has drainage grooves which run back to front and a rounded-over top front edge that provides superior impact resistance and waterproofing.

Thermoplastic – Plastic-covered 3/4-inch particleboard with a 3mm front edge to provide superior impact and wear resistance. Available in attractive gray, almond or white colors that add pleasing aesthetics.

Hardboard – Featuring 1/2-inch particleboard core sandwiched between two layers of 1/8-inch solid hardboard, with a 3mm front edge.

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Educators can even specify if units should have locking doors that provide clean airflow and regulate student access to prevent tampering. Models can come without access doors, but integrating the components adds protection against unsanitary dust and theft. Available options include:

Grille doors – To ensure secure storage use, typical casework configurations have sanitary wire grille doors that allow ventilation without affecting the acoustics or volume level of the room. The doors get powder coated with an attractive platinum colored epoxy and come in either a convenient self-latching model or with individual lock hasps.

Solid laminate doors – Manufactured using balanced construction that includes a 0.028-inch-thick high-pressure laminate (HPL) exterior plus cabinet liner interior and edged with high-impact resistant 3mm PVC.

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