Carpet Roll Display & Retrieval Racks

carpet rolls fabric vinyl dispenser carouselCarpet rolls, fabric, and vinyl dispenser carousels are rug storage display rack systems for safe and easy retrieval of these heavy and bulky items. The carousel’s vertical design stores carpet rolls vertically, allowing you to take advantage of your overhead space instead of using up your valuable floor space. The system is completely motorized, making it a simple task for one person to operate the machine. Click here to watch how the vertical dispenser carousels work.

Motorized Carpet Carousels Improve Safety & Storage

Improper storage of carpet rolls and vinyl can lead to premature deterioration. Since the carpet rolls are also fixed into one place with conventional racks, customers cannot readily view rolls stored at the top of the rack. Retrieving these rolls is a time-consuming process that also leaves employees open to falls, injuries, and other unsafe product handling techniques.

rug storage display rack systems carpet roll automatic carousel

With the carousels, users simply press a button to automatically rotate the system and bring the desired fabric roll to an ergonomic level for viewing or retrieval. This also eliminates unnecessary bending, lifting, walking, and pushing motions that can cause injuries or employee fatigue. Specially designed loading bars further assist the loading and unloading process, with a full line of optional integrated carpet cutters also available. Additional benefits include:

  • Stores 15-17 carpet roles depending on model size
  • Full line of cut, measure, and rewind systems available as optional add-ons
  • Single-person operating and loading
  • High-density design provides the maximum amount of storage space in a smaller footprint
  • Security keypads prevent unauthorized use
  • Ergonomically designed to increase safety and prevent injury to workers or damage to fabric rolls
  • Multi-tower options available, allowing you to add the capacity of a second tower to the same path as a single tower

These motorized carousels are great for many other applications such as wire spool storage. Click here to see more about the motorized dispenser carousels.

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