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Last updated: March 11, 2016

Capacity-doubling mobile systems create storage space for inmate property growth

capacity doubling mobile systemsDealing with jail-house inmates is a tough job that comes with a lot of stress. And when you're tasked with taking charge of anywhere from 850 to 1,300 or more prisoners at any given time, you try to defuse situations that may add to that stress as quickly as possible. One such situation happened when a laundry-garment rack system housed at a county detention center needed replacing after repeatedly breaking down. In addition to it being overloaded and inefficient, the system raised many safety concerns. For these reasons and the support of a recommendation that had been made, the inmate property department set out to find something to take its place. When it was all said and done, what they ended up with was a solution they had already heard of, capacity-doubling mobile systems. They were well known and liked because they had been of great help elsewhere. The systems effectively double storage capacity by condensing movable carriages into a smaller footprint after pushing a power-controlled button or turning a handle. In doing so, they create storage space for inmate property growth. See capacity-doubling mobile systems in action. 

Capacity-doubling mobile systems designed for maximum flexibility

Designed for maximum flexibility and functionality, the capacity-doubling mobile systems were the best option available. This is because they allowed for the department to take full advantage of every inch of space by optimizing it from a horizontal, as well as vertical direction. They provided additional flexibility for labeled totes on adjustable shelving made to fit, keeping everything well organized. The volume of lost property was significantly reduced, as well. And, with the extra space they saved, the department was able to see to it that bulk property items were stored in the same place. This included property that had previously only been accessible with assistance from others, as well as TV sets and backpacks.

Capacity-doubling mobile systems improve accessibility

create storage space for inmate property growthWith the capacity-doubling mobile systems in place, the department now had the ability to operate efficiently. The systems added some semblance of order to a highly stressful work environment. Access to inmate property stored there was also much improved. This is because the space was now designed to handle a greater amount of property from one centralized location. In addition, the need to create storage space for inmate property growth was met. This is because there was unoccupied space that could be used for an expansion in the future. Capacity-doubling mobile systems create storage space for inmate property growth because they allow for floor space optimization. 

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