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Cantilever shelving transforms space

cantilever shelvingA community college located in an area where contributing to a innovation-based economy was heavily supported, looked to make a difference by creating a space that had the potential to be a community resource that was both energy and environmentally efficient. The end result was an innovative designed building that functioned in many capacities. However, of all the things it was home to - including a learning center, art room with pottery yard, cafe and multi-purpose/performance space - the highlight was the school's library. In order to properly showcase the collection of books it had, as well as have room for it grow, the newly designed building needed a storage solution that would make better use of the square footage available. And, since there was a strong desire for the library to serve the community at large, it also needed to accommodate room for communal spaces. These included a variety of seating areas for study, collaboration and work. For this reason, cantilever shelving was used to transform space into modern library hub for campus and community enjoyment. Watch how easy cantilever shelving used to transform space into modern library hub for campus is to assembly.

Cantilever shelving supports energy conservation

Since significantly less space was needed to adequately store the library's collection of references than originally thought, there was more than enough room to house the general collection as it was now, as well as expand it in the future. Motion-sensor lighting integrated well with the cantilever shelving because it allowed the library to support the idea of an ego-friendly design by conserving energy. The aisles of books were now also well lit, making it easier for borrowers to access reading materials. In addition, the presence of natural light was more evident than before because the cantilever shelving featured custom white acrylic ends panels that were translucent in color.This helped to offset the brightly-colored interior and evenly distribute natural light throughout the library.

Do more with cantilever shelving

used to transform space into modern library hub for campusCantilever shelving provided the library with the added benefit of maximizing the space available and making better use of it. With its installation, it created ample space to accommodate plenty of seating, as well as study and computer work areas that were available for student use, as well as accessible to the general public. Well integrated, it was used to transform space into modern library hub for campus to remain steadfast in support of an innovation-based economy. We offer a wide range of library storage and furnishings solutions to meet your library needs, not just cantilever shelving.

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