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Last updated: January 31, 2017

Affordable cantilever shelving & ceiling-mounted art racks

cantilever shelving for historic library storageA combination of cantilever shelving and ceiling-mounted art racks were integrated into a museum library environment because it was found they work to preserve Irish history best. Nestled in a 15,000 square foot, three-story building sits a library made to look like a traditional 12th Century Norman castle from the Emerald Isle. The entire space is dedicated to Irish literature masterpieces. It houses over 5,000 works from Irish artists and authors, plus reading rooms and computers resources, as well as an ongoing exhibit of rare, full-color reproduction of the Book of Kells. The unique setting is also a place for exploring Irish ancestry and performance art focused around the culture. Because the library worked in more than one capacity, it was no surprise when multiple storage solutions were needed in order for it to efficiently function. Both complement one another very well because each are designed enhance the look of any space without having to make accommodations for reconstruction. It is what makes them considerably affordable when compared to similar alternatives. Watch how easy cantilever shelving comes together when assembled.

Benefits of flexible ceiling-mounted art racks

ceiling mounted art racks work to preserve Irish historyCeiling-mounted art racks feature superior flexibility for unrefuted access when arranging artwork of various shapes and sizes. In addition, their appeal lies with their many benefits. These include controlled deceleration, low vibration and sway protection. Each work together in harmony to protect works of art from being damaged when panels must be handled. This made ceiling-mounted art racks the perfect choice for displaying the library's collection of larger-sized artwork and tapestries.

Adaptable cantilever shelving 

Cantilever shelving is high adaptable and easily adjusts to any surrounding. The shelving, in this case, brought balance to the many historical pieces on display, especially the space where rows of Irish literature were kept. This is because it was fitted with custom-made wood end panels. Modern elements and functionality with historical features mix well at the library because cantilever shelving and ceiling-mounted art racks work to preserve Irish history in the most authentic way possible. We offer several types of cantilever shelving and art racks online.

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