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Bullet ballistic resistant lockers keep police safe from firearm injuries

evidence property gun storage cabinetBullet ballistic resistant lockers provide an evidence property gun storage cabinet designed to keep police from harm while handing firearms off to others. Storage experts provided the systems to a major law enforcement agency with a desire to take extra safety precautions while officers observe the custody chain. Continue reading to learn how the system's use helps protect public safety personnel from sustaining accidental weapon discharge injuries.

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Not unlike other weapon evidence lockers, this solution can secure firearms that police find while working a crime scene and log into evidence. Unique safety features such as ballistic panels allow it to stand out from alternatives. Each attaches to the system's back doors with secure ease to prevent accidental weapons discharge from harming personnel working in close proximity.

All bullet ballistic resistant lockers, used in this application, have a unique pass-through design with lockable doors on the front to protect deposited items. More doors on the back open into the evidence processing area to allow safer transferal between authorized personnel. It ensures staff maintains proper weapons handling protocol while storing and extracting evidence with efficient care.

Evidence property gun storage cabinet stops unlawful access

bullet ballistic resistant lockersThe evidence property gun storage cabinet includes "lock out" features that prevent the doors on either end from opening at the same time. These stop unlawful entry into the work area to preserve staff safety and evidence integrity. The agency ordered two systems in total, which safeguard police from physical harm while moving weapons evidence through the chain of custody.

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