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Last updated: May 11, 2018

Aesthetically-pleasing library media storage shelves promote material access & visibility

book display shelf cabinets custom wood end panels

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Rare book display shelf cabinets with custom wood end panels create library media storage shelves that complement furniture in close proximity. Each provides pleasing aesthetics that make the space more inviting to readers. Units store and organize materials to ease users access and visibility while browsing items.

Library shelves allow ergonomic & safe browsing

The library media storage shelves have some differences which make each unique from one another. One features materials with covers that face front and appears shorter in stature to allow easier access. Its slanted top row ensures users can reach items with greater comfort to prevent physical injury during retrieval. An expansive countertop right above provides ample space where patrons can lay materials out and flip through the content.

library media storage shelvesThe other provides enough space in-between rows to ensure the aisles can fit multiple users on either side. It allows patrons to roam around without feeling crowded or unsafe. Materials stand sideways with spines facing outward to make identification easier and more efficient during retrieval. Dividers separate materials to maintain order and ease restocking while helping maximize space use.

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