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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Flexible hospital plasma drawing lab lounge seating

blood platelet donor stations tv armsBlood and platelet donor stations with TV (television) arms provide hospital plasma drawing lab lounge seating flexible enough to keep patients entertained. The versatile units can fit many ergonomic components, without requiring facilities to lose durability and aesthetics. Experts can provide design and layout assistance to ensure users create a sturdy and attractive solution that maximizes productivity and space efficiency.

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Specifying that experts leave enough space between the hospital plasma drawing lab lounge seating, like here, ensures occupants have some privacy during treatment. Others avoid overhearing their discussions with staff and creating unwanted distractions. Medical technicians make fewer mistakes while working with patients and deliver safe, more efficient care too. Those receiving treatment can sit and relax or chat with other donors without discomfort or feeling isolated, as well. Personnel can then monitor patients during procedures and keep everyone safe if an emergency arises.

Blood & platelet donor stations with TV arms promote ergonomics

hospital plasma drawing lab lounge seatingThe blood and platelet donor stations have TV arms and other components that promote ergonomic use. This includes durable, attractive worksurfaces large enough to store healthy snacks and remotes that control electronics. Integrating these items to units ensures patients can access necessities that provide nourishment and entertainment. It helps keep donors' strength up and alert during busier times, reducing fainting risk. Users can adapt the display screen to ensure ergonomic program viewing and reach the channel changer too.

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