Benefits of Mezzanine Lifts

mezzanine freight lift elevatorIntegrating a mezzanine floor is an excellent way to utilize the vertical expanse of your industrial storage space. Mezzanine floors are elevated platforms generally constructed within the storage, industrial unit, or office space. Mezzanine floors are also used for quick equipment access, material mobility, or warehousing, which is generally done by equipment such as forklifts, stackers, or telehandlers. Vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) or mezzanine lifts are safer to operate in industrial applications that involve heavy equipment or materials. VRCs come in a variety of different models and configurations to meet unique transportation needs.

These heavy-duty industrial lifts can transport materials with fewer employees and increase the overall efficiency of your storage manufacturing unit. Mezzanines can easily displace materials as heavy as 30.000 pounds and up to 100-foot tall cautiously and economically.

A mechanical mezzanine lift system is less expensive to install and maintain compared to an elevator. Installing mezzanine lifts in warehouses or distribution systems saves a considerable amount of time and human resources. Southwest Solutions Group® offers a selection of customizable and carefully tailored mezzanine lifts. Whether it is a pile of boxes or an entire vehicle that needs to be elevated, our mezzanine lift systems fit the requirements of diverse applications.

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Types of Mezzanine Lifts from Southwest Solutions Group

Box Lifts

The box lift is one of the most economical mezzanine lifts with a 500-pound capacity and is typically used for lighter loads such as boxes, barrels, tires, and spare parts. With low maintenance and simple operation, the overall ownership cost of box lifts is considerably low.

An electric brake motor and a rigorous gearbox system allow the box lift to operate quietly and effectively at the speed of 15-20 feet per minute. The lift operates through an illuminated push-button station which displays lift status information such as platform position and the gate’s position. The lift is enclosed from all sides and includes dual loading heights option with a removable shelf for larger packages.

Pallet Master Lift

The pallet master lift shares its attributes with the box lift. This lift has a 5000-pound lifting capacity, providing cost efficiency and substantial reinforcement to your existing workflow. In addition, the pallet master VRC’s operator control system includes an emergency stop button and soft start and soft stop options to reduce the risk of potential damage. This safe and reliable solution can transport cargo measuring six feet tall or wide at the speed of 19-21 feet per minute.benefits of mezzanine lift systems

Straddle Lift

The straddle lift or two-post lift is one of the most popular mezzanine lift options due to its capacity to handle various freight sizes. This VRC is adaptable with a range of layout and height variations. The straddle lift comprises a top-mounted drive system with a 6000-pound lifting capacity and a mechanical, dual-rope lifting system that can lift loads at the speed of 19-21 feet per minute. The lift has fewer enclosures for cost efficiency, while additional security enclosures can always be added.

Cantilever Lift

A cantilever lift is a flexible option for low overhead spaces because of its versatile one-sided lifting design. This design allows loading from three open sides without having any negative effects on strength and stability. The mechanical chain lifting system enables the cantilever to lift up to 5,000 pounds and includes a top-mounted drive to save space. Carriages measuring seven feet deep and wide can easily be transported at 19-21 feet per minute speed by the cantilever lift.

Four-Post Lift

The four-post lift carries the heaviest loads by design. The scalable structure of this lift allows it to elevate heavy materials, cars, and forklifts on its large platform. The heavy-duty design includes a top-mounted drive system, quad-rope lifting system, rope safety brakes, and slack cable switches. A dual mast alternative with the same capacity is available for spaces with less overhead space. The four-post lift has a tremendous 30,000-pound load capacity and can easily lift carriages measuring 30 feet wide by 30 feet deep.

Benefits of Mezzanine Lifts

mezzanine elevator liftProgressive companies exceeding their office’s storage or foot space limits can benefit from incorporating mezzanine lifts. For increasing storage requirements and more rigorous workflows, mezzanine lifts can bring numerous positive outcomes. Apart from increased space and extra overhead space, businesses can anticipate several other benefits from a mechanical VRC. Some of these include:

Safety and Protection

Safety is always a major concern for industrial warehouses and distribution units. Accidents are more likely to occur in places congested with packages and people. Unnecessary obstacles can lead to dangerous repercussions, mandating additional foot space and better mobility appliances. Managed mezzanine lift systems can simplify the influx and outflux process and make it more safe and efficient.

Multiple controls and safety features such as emergency stop buttons, emergency brakes, sensors, and interlock gates add to the security advantages of mezzanine elevator lifts. These features can be lifesaving for a factory employee in case of a severe industrial accident.

Side protection, foot protection, and guardrails are always the best way to ensure that a package or individual does not encounter a hazard or fall off-limits. In addition, an unhampered and guarded workspace is safer, more constructive, and effective.

Efficiency and Overall Productivity

A definitive and palpable mobility system implemented across the worksite improves efficiency. These are a few qualities of a well-designed and implemented VRC system which contributes to overall productivity.

  • Utilizing headspace leads to increased storage capacity and more systematic depositories, which can help facilities produce or store extensively.
  • Mezzanine lifts improve efficiency by creating fast and methodical transportation streams. This capability leads to efficient everyday operations and allows companies to work on multiple projects.
  • Warehouse automation enhances adaptability in various conditions and offers greater control over the operating environment.
  • Mezzanine systems generally require low or no maintenance and help avoid pricey renovations. In addition, installing a lift for the mezzanine causes minimal disruption to daily operations.
  • Integrating automated solutions also ensures synchronicity between workflows. For many modern businesses, a streamlined process smoothens everyday functionality and provides clear data for analytical observation.

Mezzanine Lifts Work Almost Anywhere

mezzanine material elevator liftVRC systems are ideal for any place that deals with moving material. Implementing automated solutions to a facility is profitable and effective. However, it is important to note that such a system requires proper planning and the right expertise. Following are a few industrial frontiers where mezzanine lift systems can bring drastic growth.


The automotive manufacturing industry includes an entire range of companies that deal with mobility-related problems. Design, development, manufacturing, and selling cars is an extensive process. These industries can integrate mezzanine lifts in their facilities to save time when transporting vehicles and related parts. Instead of using a forklift to transport materials and risk injury, VRCs significantly reduce hazards while also saving time when moving materials from one process to another.


Warehouses handle different shapes and sizes of packages and freights. These packages need to be stored and transported in a secure and timely manner. Mezzanine lift systems save space and increase storage capacity, making it possible to take advantage of underutilized areas. In addition, systematic and comprehensive storage is possible in an obstruction-free workspace.

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing industries work with heavy materials and other pricey resources. VRC lift’s safety system makes it several times safer than manually carrying load upstairs. It is also far more efficient and time-friendly to carry raw materials through vertical conveyors.

Retail Stores

mezzanine elevator lift systemRetail stores reserve commodities in bulk form, carried inside heavy boxes, which are not safe to be handled by a person. However, stores can assign this task to a custom-made and compact mezzanine lift system installed to facilitate the stockpiling process.

Restaurants and Breweries

Cooking and brewing are processes that include several ingredients that need to be preserved. When these components are stored in bulk, they need to be transported with utmost care. Lifts for mezzanines reduce any chance of waste or damage to raw materials stored in barrels, boxes, or jars.

Integrate Mezzanine Lifts with the Right Expertise

Companies that are moving headway in their professional domain need to adopt automated mechanisms to keep up with the growing amount of work. However, technological integration without the right expertise and expert assistance can go off course and result in a complete waste of time.

Southwest Solutions Group has been delivering end-to-end efficiency system services for more than 50 years. The professional planning team at Southwest Solutions carefully prepares a tailor-made lift design for your specific storage requirements. Our services do not end at installation. Maintenance, repairs, and technical support are always within reach.

Contact us to learn more about mezzanine lifts or call us at 866-447-8340 to speak with one of our experts today.


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