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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Rotary Cabinets for Automotive Dealerships

automotive car dealership space saving storage cabinetFor automotive car dealerships, you can't afford to be disorganized—and you also need to save space. Space saving storage cabinets for maintenance parts allow you to do both. With its rotary dual-sided construction, the cabinets offer double the storage capacity in much less space than lateral cabinets or shelving. Read about rotary tool storage cabinets on wheels.

Organize & Save Space

The compact space saving storage cabinets rotate to prove dual-sided access in less space, allowing space-efficient shared storage for multiple personnel. Instead of pull-out drawers that require extra space in front, the cabinets simply rotate open and closed for easy access. When closed, the cabinets provide a neat, clean appearance. Click here to watch a video about how the rotating cabinets work.

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The cabinets can store a wide variety of items, from maintenance parts and tools to brochures. Other features and benefits include:

  • Keep dealership reception areas neat and organizedrotary storage cabinet parts files maintenance tools
  • Provide storage for brochures, promo items, beverage services, and more
  • Provide shared storage for multiple personnel
  • Customize the cabinets to your dealership's needs with multiple interior accessories
  • Cabinet lock and individual lockable drawers secure confidential information such as loans and credit documents
  • Cabinet key locks come standard; electronic keypad lock options available
  • Counter-height units are also available and can interconnect to create service counters with easy and quick access to manuals and files
  • Mobile units with casters available for shop tool areas
  • Cabinets come in 31 standard colors
  • 10 heights available from 29½" to 92½"
  • Starter widths of 36½" and 45¼"

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