automatic vertical carousels installed for streamlining warehouse operations

automatic vertical carousels improve warehouse efficiency and productivity in warehousesA production plant that supplies optical fibers and industrial fiber lasers to markets such as material processing, biophotonics, metrology, optical sensors, and more. Their specialized products needed more specialized storage solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in their production department. Automated vertical carousels were installed to improve warehouse operations and increase space, which also led to increased order picking accuracy for the entire plant. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels

solutions To Improve warehouse operations & Increase space

The production plant chose to install automatic vertical carousels as the solution to accommodate their growing business needs. Now, two operators are responsible for supplying the assembly line with the components picked from the vertical carousel units. To ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, the orders are always planned two days ahead. The components come from sub-suppliers and the warehouse operators take care of their receipt. About 500 different items are stored in the automatic vertical carousels, which is filled up to 80%. An automatic vertical carousel, which was first installed in the production plant’s old warehouse, was moved and installed in their new building.

how the automatic vertical carousels work

The automatic vertical carousels are fully enclosed motorized storage systems with vertically rotating shelves. With the push of a button, the shelves move up and down to deliver stored items to the operator at an ergonomically placed waist-high work counter. This eliminates unnecessary bending, reaching, and lifting motions that reduce picking efficiency and can lead to work-related injuries. The vertical carousels also eliminate wasted walk and search time, allowing employees to have maximum productivity.

carousels improve warehouse operations and increase space

The automatic vertical carousels also have built-in inventory management software to improve warehouse operations. With this, the production plant avoids lost inventory and prevents overstocks or inventory shortages along with increasing picking accuracy. Because the carousels use overhead vertical storage space, the production plant was also able to increase space for parts storage because the unit only requires 30 square meters of storage, as opposed to the previous system’s 200 square meters.

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