increase picking accuracy with automated vertical storage carousels asrs An Automated Vertical Storage Carousel Available on GSA and TXMAS Contract

The Kardex Megamat RS is an Automated Vertical Storage Carousel (ASRS) that fuses reliability and security to create a dynamic space saving storage system. This Automated Vertical Storage Carousel can be used in a variety of applications throughout government agencies, the military, universities, k-12 schools, municipalities, police departments, and more. In addition, The Kardex Megamat RS is available from us on GSA and TXMAS Contracts. (view images of Automated Vertical Storage Carousels)

How the Kardex Megamat RS Automated Vertical Storage Carousel Works

save space with the kardex megamat rs on txmas contract

The Kardex Megamat RS ensures maximum storage density while using minimal floor space. Shelves or drawers inside of the Automated Vertical Storage Carousel rotate up or down via the shortest path to deliver stored items to an operator at an ergonomically positioned counter. This system eliminates the wasted time and energy associated with walking up and down shelving rows searching for stored items. Each vertical storage carousel is compatible with an entire suite of software and controls or can be used as a stand-alone storage solution. Click here to learn more about ASRS storage.

Benefits of the Kardex Megamat RS Automated Vertical Storage Carousel

  • Recovers Floor Space: The Kardex Megamat RS takes advantage of unused overhead space and will recover up to 75% of the floor space that is typically used by shelving and drawer systems.
  • Improves Ergonomics: The Automated Vertical Storage Carousel delivers storage shelves and drawers to an adjustable ergonomically counter. The ergonomic counter eliminates the need for the operator to bend over, reach down, or climb up ladders when retrieving stored items which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.
  • Enhances Safety & Security: The Kardex Megamat RS is equipped with both safety photocells to provide maximum safety for workers and stored products. A lockable door protects stored items from unauthorized access. Security can be further increased with FastPic inventory management software with password access protection and transaction tracking for items.
  • Increases Picking Accuracy: Various pick-to-light technologies can be integrated with the Automated Vertical Storage Carousel to increase accuracy up to 99%. A TiC (Transaction Information Center) located on the work counter can pinpoint the exact location of the part to pick while displaying the location, part number and quantity for the operator to pick on a LED light bar.

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Southwest Solutions Group® is the exclusive dealer of Kardex Megamat RS Automated Vertical Carousels on TXMAS Contract. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area.


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