Improving Picking Accuracy To Save Time & Money

How much time and money does a picking mistake cost your business? Factoring the cost of picking errors is difficult, but we know they are costly. The average picking error rate for businesses is estimated at 1%, costing companies up to 7% in lost profits. Along with additional shipping fees, picking errors create additional processing costs, lost productivity, charge back fees, product retesting, and repackaging costs, and that is if you’re lucky. Repeated picking errors not corrected can cost you customers and even accounts. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce picking errors with Automated Storage Systems. Automated Storage Systems improve picking accuracy to almost eliminate picking mistakes. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

for inventory control and accuracy use pick to light technology How Automated Storage Systems Improve Picking Accuracy & Inventory Control

Automated Storage Systems improve picking accuracy by reducing human intervention and implementing “pick to light” technology. Host computers are integrated to communicate picking instructions and commands to the automated storage machine. The machine’s software responds to picking instructions by automatically retrieving and delivering the correct parts storage tray or shelf to a waist-high ergonomic counter. At the counter a laser light pointer (pick to light technology) pinpoints the exact bin for the worker to pick from. In addition, there is a LED light bar on the counter confirming the pick location and how many parts are needed to complete the transaction. Studies have shown that using Automated Storage Systems with pick to light technology reduce pick errors .1%. (view images of Automated Storage Systems)

Besides picking accuracy, Automated Storage Systems improve productivity by eliminating the need for workers to walk around the storage area searching for stored items to pick. With Automated Storage Systems parts are delivered to the worker for quick and accurate transactions. In addition, the Automated Storage System manages inventory levels and will handle batch and kitting order commands, improving productivity and eliminating costly inventory stock-outs. (Click here to request an estimate on Automated Storage Systems for your business)

Streamline Picking with Automated Storage Carousels to Increase Customer Retention

using automated storage systemsyou can improve inventory control

Streamlining the picking accuracy in your facility with Automated Storage Carousels provides many benefits including,

  • 99.9% Pick Accuracy
  • Reduced Picking Mistakes
  • Fewer Returned Orders & Restocking
  • Fewer Re-picked Items Due To Shipping Mistakes
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Repeat Customers

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